Kobbari Louz (Coconut Sweet) is one of the healthiest and Tasty sweet made of coconut. We use Jaggery to prepare the sweet. Jaggery helps to get Iron to the body. Here we will discuss how to prepare Kobbari louz.


Jaggery Powder               – 2 Cups

Water                              – 2 Cups

Raw Coconut                   – 4 Cups

Cardamom (Green)          –  4

Ghee                                – 6 table Spoons

Badam/ Cashew               – 6 ( Optional)

Following steps are used to prepare Kobbari Louz( Coconut laddu).

Step 1: Grind the coconut into powder.

Step 2: Take a pan with water and add Jaggery powder to it. Allow them to boil for 40-45 minutes in a middle flame. Stir for every 4 minutes. Make               sure that the Jaggery syrup should be thick and sticky. Add Cardamom powder to it and mix them well.

Step 3: Take another pan and fry coconut into a light gold color.

Step 4: After 45 minutes when syrup turn sticky mix coconut powder into it and add Ghee. Mix them tightly.

Step 5: Take a plate and apply oil to the plate lay the mixture into the plate, spread the mixture evenly over the plate. Let it cool.

Step 6: After cooling cut the mixture into pieces. Store them in a closed container.