Pudina rice is a South Indian dish made of mint leaves which are very good for health. It is very easy to prepare this dish using ingredients which are available in our kitchen.


Rice                      – 100 Grams    Bay leaf                      – 1

Pudina leaves        – 1 Cup            Cinnamon                  – 1 Inch

Onion Slices          – 1 cup            Cloves                        – 4

Chillies                  – 4                  Green Cardamom      – 4

Ginger/Garlic Paste – 1 Tbs            Oil                           – 4 Tbs

 Cumin                    – 1 Tbs           Ghee                         – 2 Tbs

Following are the steps used to prepare Pudina Rice:

Step 1: Take a pan with 4 tbs of oil and 2 tbs of Ghee, Add 1 Bay leaf, 1-inch Cinnamon, 4 Green Cardamom, 4 Cloves, 1 tbs Cumin, Fry them for 5 minutes.

Step 2: Now add Onion slices and Green Chillies to it and fry them until Onions become goldish brown color.

Step 3: Add 1 tbs of Ginger Garlic paste to it and fry them until the raw smell disappears.

Step 4: Grind the Pudina leaves into a paste, Add the pasta to the mixture and fry them until the raw smell disappears.

Step 5: At last add the cooked rice to the mixture and mix them very well.

             Now serve them on a plate and enjoy the food.

Note: If you want to get a sour taste you can add a little amount of lemon before turning off the stove. It gives additional taste to the food.