Treatment for Pimples naturally

cure for pimples

Are you suffering from pimples?  Are you fed up with trying expensive facial creams?  Don’t worry here I would like to share some natural tips to remove pimples and acne. What are Pimples? Pimples are usually acne that is caused by oil glands, hormone imbalance, pollution, stress etc.,  According to A Qualitative Investigation of the […]

Benefits of Ghee

Hi everyone, In this blog, I would like to share the advantages and health benefits of Ghee. There are some misconceptions about the consumption of Ghee like, Ghee will cause weight gain, Ghee can cause Heart attack and strokes, People who are Lactose intolerant should not consume Ghee. But these are only myths without any […]

Natural Remedies for Knee pain

If you are Suffering from Knee pain then there is a simple method to reduce the pain in a week by using a natural method. Knee Pain: Nowadays knee pain is seen in every person irrespective of age and gender. There are so many reasons to cause knee pain they are as follows. Reasons: i. […]


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