If you are Suffering from Knee pain then there is a simple method to reduce the pain in a week by using a natural method.

Knee Pain: Nowadays knee pain is seen in every person irrespective of age and gender. There are so many reasons to cause knee pain they are as follows.


i. Knee pain is caused by sudden injury in the knees.

ii. Due to overweight, because our body weight is balanced by our legs if we increase our weight it will affect our knees.

iii. Due to some underlying diseases.

iv. Doing heavy exercises can also affect the functioning of the knees.

v. Some of the medical conditions like arthritis, gout and infections also cause knee pain.

Many types of knee pains are controlled well by self-care measures. 

They are some homemade methods to control the knee pains that can be used by all age group of people. This method can take to some time to respond but gives effective results.

Method 1: Great beer nuts (Maha beera ginjalu) are the best nuts to reduce knee pains.

             Take two spoons of Great beer nuts in a bowl and add soak them in water the entire night. Early morning drink this water. Do this regularly without skipping. You can see the result in a week.

Method 2: Take a little amount of garlic paste after the brush early morning this helps to reduce knee pain. You can also apply this garlic paste to                      your knees and massage them gently, This gives you an instant result.

Method 3: Sesame Oil also rich in nutrition. They are many advantages of Sesame oil out of which helps to reduce knee pain. Take a small amount                  of sesame oil in a cup and boil them on a low flame for 3 minutes. Apply this oil on your knees and massage them gently until the oil fully                absorb. Follow this method 3 times a week before sleeping. It is one of the efficient ways for curing knee pain.

             Along with these methods, some vegetables should not consume frequently while suffering from knee pain those are Potatoes, Chamadumpa(Taro), All root vegetables along with excessive sugar and salt.

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